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0009126ardourbugspublic2022-11-29 20:13
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PlatformFedoraOSLinuxOS Version37
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009126: System Screensaver Mode has no Effect in Fedora 37
DescriptionBy default, Ardour is configured to inhibit the system screensaver while recording, and it also offers the option to inhibit the screensaver while Ardour is open. Regardless of the setting used, Fedora 37's screensaver starts after its configured idle period, apparently causing xruns in the process.

This occurs on a clean installation (not an upgrade) of Fedora Workstation 37.
Steps To Reproduce1) In Preferences>Appearance>System Screensaver mode, configure Ardour to either "Inhibit while Recording" or "Inhibit while Ardour is running"

2) Leave the machine idle for an appropriate amount of time (ie. if screensaver is configured to start after 5 minutes, leave the computer idle for 5+ minutes)

Expected result: Ardour prevents the screensaver from starting.
Actual result: Screensaver starts.
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2022-11-29 16:48

administrator   ~0026956

Are you using Wayland instead of X11/Xorg?


2022-11-29 19:44

reporter   ~0026959

Yes, correct. Wayland is the default for Fedora Workstation and I believe for Ubuntu now as well.


2022-11-29 20:01

administrator   ~0026960

Not sure what we can do about this, perhaps with Ubuntu moving to Wayland will raise more attention. Ardour is not alone here:


2022-11-29 20:12

reporter   ~0026961

One simple workaround is to lengthen the "Blank Screen Delay" setting in the OS. However, the longest option offered by default is 15 minutes. If you need to delay the screensaver for longer than that, I believe this command will create new options in the list:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 1800

Where 1800 represents the number of seconds you want the idle timeout to be (1800/60 = 30minutes). I haven't tested this on Fedora specifically, but I used it successfully on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine in the past.


2022-11-29 20:13

reporter   ~0026962

Ah, I stand corrected--there is also a "Never" option in Fedora. If you want something between 15 minutes and never, the above command should apply. :)

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