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0009119ardourbugspublic2022-11-26 17:44
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009119: for mono recordings, normalize nor gain work
DescriptionI recorded in mono, and the editor mixer readings are Out left/Out right, fader is on 2.0 and fader automation mode is active (button P)
Neither normalize nor boost gain works.
Selecting Properties I can however select region gain (tried up to 21 dB) which works.

I have not tested stereo recording so it might be there too.

Steps To Reproduce1. Create mono audio track and record
2. Activate the recorded audio, and select Normalize or Boost gain from right mouse mouse.

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2022-11-26 17:44

reporter   ~0026949


I recorded once more, but with a higher volume, and this time Normalized worked ( on the same track, same track parameters).
The difference to the first one was that the volume was really low (needed to ampify it 21dB) and that it was the first audio recording in a new project.

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