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Summary0009110: Need for compressed audio format

Ardour 7.1 is a inspiring Daw, thanks to you!

I suggest that you add Ogg compression to the existing media formats in the Session properties. My actual target is that a 3 minutes stereo track would consume less that 10 Mb. I think this need is generic for both linux and windows.

i record songs with 4-8 audio tracks, and I noticed that I can easily consume 0.3 - 0.5 Gb per song, even using the flak compression, which is too much. I have a netbook running Linux ( MX linux) with a 32 Gb disk.

I also would add out that several other daws (like Reaper) has support for Ogg (and indeed Mp3) for similar reasons..

Thank you
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2022-11-21 18:15

administrator   ~0026921

We will not add lossy compression formats to the native format list for Ardour. FLAC is available (lossless compression). Disk space is cheap, data lost by compressing to vorbis or mp3 is not. You can export to any of these formats, but they are not appropriate as the internal data format for a professional tool.


2022-11-21 21:53

administrator   ~0026925

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Memory is not used by DAW-created audio files, only disk space. I haven't seen a laptop in some time that has less than a *huge* amount of space, and the ones that do not will accept external USB3 drives, which are cheap and fast enough.

FLAC will still save you a significant amount of space compared to WAV/AIFF, and has no quality issues.

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