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0009107ardourbugspublic2022-11-21 09:58
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009107: Cannot change tempo at a x/8 time signature change mark. Changing TS also causes a crash
Descriptioni have an Ardour project in 6/8 time. At the start of bar 5 the TS changes to 3/8 for one bar then back to 6/8 at bar 6. The tempo should change from 75 to 92 at bar 6, beat 1 but Ardour will not take a tempo entry at beat 1 (at the same time as a TS change), only beat 2. Making a test by changing the TS to other x/8 values then caused Ardour to crash.
Steps To ReproduceTempo changes and TS changes work as they should for 4/4 time changing to 2/4 time. And 8/16 time changing to 12/16 time for example. But irregular behaviour seems to happen when the project is set up with x/8 time in the first place. Trying the above actions in a new project and I got further but then it caused problems. Screenshot attached.
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2022-11-20 13:35


Ardour TS.png (109,661 bytes)   
Ardour TS.png (109,661 bytes)   

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