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Summary0000091: Editor channel strip toggling

Currently, clicking on a track opens that track's corresponding channel strip in the editor window.

That the clicked track's corresponding channel strip appears seems intuitively correct, but the notion that the existence of the strip itself depends upon the clicking of a track does not.


That the channel strip in the editor should be enabled/disabled using a new button on the editor window, marked "show channel strip" or similar.
A newly displayed channel strip should correspond to the currently selected track on the canvas (if one exists), or the first displayed track.
The current behaviour of toggling the channel strip's presence by clicking a track should be removed.
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2003-10-26 16:34

administrator   ~0000101



2003-10-26 19:19

reporter   ~0000104

Yes, why? It is very good feature (although it has some functionality problems right now -> see bug 96) and should not be removed.


2003-10-27 14:55


From my perspective, there are two reasons. They may not matter to anyone else, so disregard these as you see fit;
1) Consistency.. all other objects that change the editor layout are buttons (arrows for detatching transport, resizing widgets etc.). The toggling of the strip (on and off, rather than track number) seems like it should be another kind of 'detatch' arrow, rather than the area used to select which track's channel strip we are viewing.
I don't think there are any other dual-purpose controls in ardour.

2) As a user, i find myself clicking on a track to select my desired fader, only to find the strip disappearing... because that's the one i clicked last time.
I know the colour change indicates the track i'm viewing, so i shouldn't have needed to click on the track again - but in practise, the colour change doesn't seem to register in my thick skull until its too late.
I also think that in general use the strip will be left on and the width of the tracks/groups list will be reduced if more real estate is needed.


2004-02-08 20:46

administrator   ~0000391

This was implemented. By Paul, I think.

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