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0009096ardourbugspublic2022-12-16 08:53
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009096: Bug: Set Range to Selected Regions - doesn't match the grid for 25 samples
DescriptionIf you create a MIDI region 750 samples long (1/128 Note) - and then use the operation "Set Range to Selected Regions" (Edit > Select > Set Range to Selected Regions) - this makes range 25 samples shorter than the selection.
Steps To Reproduce1. Make a new MIDI track.
2. Set the Grid Mode to "1/128 Note" and activate Snap.
3. Draw a new region 750 samples long (1/128 Note).
4. Maximize zoom to the drawn region.
5. Set the mouse to the Grab Mode and select the region.
6. Do the operation: Edit > Select > Set Range to Selected Regions - Ups!! - this makes the range 25 samples shorter than the selection.

(7. Check the length of the rest area of the region - just cut (Ctrl+X) the formed range and look into the properties of the rest part of the region)
Additional InformationA gif is attached
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2022-11-16 10:54



2022-11-16 11:02

reporter   ~0026895

May be this can help somehow: if we select the rest piece of the region and then repeat the "Set Range to Selected Regions" - this does not range anything!! Look at the next gif:


2022-11-23 23:14

administrator   ~0026936

Further relevant info 48kHz sample-rate 120BPM (48000*120/60/128 = 750)

The "End" is 1 tick before the 128th note, and Length is also reported incorrectly (changing Edit > Position > NOT glue to bar/beats works around this).
The selection uses `selection->set (selection->regions.start_time(), selection->regions.end_time());` and hence from 1|1|0 to 1|1|59 (rather than 1|1|60)
bbt-mismatch.png (54,292 bytes)   
bbt-mismatch.png (54,292 bytes)   


2022-12-16 08:53

reporter   ~0027103

range_consilidate_bug.gif (657,413 bytes)

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