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0009076ardourbugspublic2022-11-07 05:18
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009076: Bug: snap issue - a summary gap between copied midi regions
DescriptionWhile the copying snapped to time line MIDI regions - there's some accumulated error in the length of copies. For example, if we copy x50 times the region 4bars length - this make a gap 612 samples long between the end boundary of the last (50-th) region & grid.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new MIDI track
2. Draw 4 bars length MIDI region in Snap state activated.
3. Duplicate the created region 50 times through the Alt+D command.
4. Zoom to the end boundary of the last 50-th region - you'll see the GAP the end boundary of the last 50-th region and grid.
5. Draw the new region between the end boundary of the 50-th region and the grid - this must be 612 samples long - which must not be.
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