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0009069ardourbugspublic2022-11-06 19:28
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009069: Cannot select inputs in the connection matrix after opening a video and extracting the audio
DescriptionAfter opening a video and choosing to extract audio only, when another audio track is added I cannot select any inputs in the connection matrix.
The workaround is to save and close Ardour. After restarting Ardour and opening the project I am able to select inputs. I have reproduced this in
an up to date version of Mint with the 6.9 bundle from and also in Arch with the 7.1 version from the Arch repo. Both systems are using pipewire.
When attempting to select an input, a green dot appears when hovering but when clicked, does not make the connection.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new project
2. Open video and extract audio to a new track
3. Create new audio track
4. Open the grid and attempt to select an input
Additional InformationBoth systems are running pipewire-jack at 44.1 khz.
The video I imported was 48k and resampled by Ardour when importing.
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2022-11-05 15:55

reporter   ~0026853

Seems that it's not dependent on importing audio from a video but just importing audio in general. Or maybe random. I've noticed that when I click the square on the input, the green dot does not appear but I actually am getting input from the mic, even though it says it's not armed. There doesn't seem to be a way of disconnecting it though.


2022-11-05 22:29

reporter   ~0026855

Can you reproduce if using the ALSA or PulseAudio backend?


2022-11-05 23:24

reporter   ~0026856

When Ardour starts I don't have an option of choosing a backend. Do I need to disable Jack?


2022-11-06 01:13

reporter   ~0026857

You can always open the backend dialog in Window -> Audio/MIDI Setup. "Close" the old backend and "start" the new one. (The ALSA backend should connect directly to the device after telling PipeWire to back off.)

(My hypothesis is that this could be a JACK/PipeWire issue that I also have seen, apparently related to timing issues between creating JACK "channels" in PipeWire and being able to use them for signal routing.)


2022-11-06 19:28

reporter   ~0026859

I tried it with the Alsa backend and was not able to reproduce.

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