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0009063ardourbugspublic2022-11-02 17:32
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009063: Bug (feature??): Recorded MIDI layers are not played together
DescriptionThe recorded MIDI layers are not played together: only the top layer sounds after recording.
Steps To Reproduce1. Record/Draw the first MIDI region in the MIDI track.
2. Record the next MIDI region as a layer in the same track during playing the first region.
3. Play all the recorded layers - the result - only the top layer sounds.
Additional InformationThere are two videos comparing Ardour 6.9 and Ardour 7.0 behavior (Ardour 6 plays all layers well): - Ardour 6.9 - Ardour 7.0
Tags7.0, MIDI region, record


related to 0005100 resolvedx42 MIDI regions are always transparent 



2022-11-02 16:40

administrator   ~0026839

Last edited: 2022-11-02 16:40

Ardour 7.0 features opaque MIDI regions now. This is different than 6.9 and was mentioned in the "What's New" page.

There is a setting to control the setting used when drawing regions (Session > Properties > Misc > Draw tool creates opaque MIDI regions"

For recorded regions, the "Rec" dropdown just right of the transport controls manages this: default Layered will create opaque regions, Sound-on-Sound will create transparent regions.


2022-11-02 17:27

reporter   ~0026841

Paul!! That's super duper feature! BIG BIG Thanks! :)))


2022-11-02 17:32

reporter   ~0026842

Still it's a feature!))

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