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0009061ardourbugspublic2023-01-24 12:06
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009061: Undefined state while midi recording and pressing "arrow left"
DescriptionWhen recording MIDI (I've tried it with an audio track and there it works) and pressing arrow-left the playback line stops and it seems that
Ardour is a bit in an undefined state.
The "stop" button doesnt work anymore.
The "ruler" becomes messed (I added a screenshot).
Steps To Reproduce- MIDI Track on record
- start recording
- pressing left-arrow key

Tags7.2, Midi, record



2022-11-01 08:51



2023-01-21 09:06

reporter   ~0027219

this seems not be fixed in the actual master. So I maybe I need to provide a video.
In this video I only press the global record button with the mouse and the arrow right button while recording so the play head jumps back. As you may see ... the scale is becoming corrupt and the recorded regions in the midi track have been deleted on pressing arrow back.

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