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0009032ardourfeaturespublic2022-10-31 09:56
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009032: Remove unused peak and state files
When regions and plugins are removed, the peak and state files associated with them remain on disk, wasting space.

Full story:
To create a slimmed-down session for a bug report, I removed all of the tracks, regions and sources except one from an ardour session, and all of the plugins. But there were still hundreds of files/folders in the peaks and plugins directories, which were also copied over when I saved as...
The files are mainly not very big, but it all adds up. And there were multiple copies of soundfonts in some state folders (is that a bug?), which add up quite quickly.
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2022-10-30 10:45

reporter   ~0026755

Yes please, hundreds of useless files...


2022-10-30 18:19

reporter   ~0026766

What's the problem, search entire drive or location for *.peak files and delete them. Ardor will rebuild the necessary peak files.


2022-10-31 09:56

reporter   ~0026779

For me the problems are plugins state file more then peak.

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