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0009030ardourbugspublic2022-10-27 21:04
Reporterfhomann Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009030: First time signature position lost when importing a 6.x session into Ardour 7
DescriptionIf you have a 6.x session where the first time signature has been moved to the first beat in a recording as described in [1] the position of that first time signature will be lost after importing that session into Ardour 7.

In effect all position markers, bars etc. will be off, and the session will be hard to work with again.

Steps To ReproduceCreate a new session with Ardour 6.x . Drag the first time signature to a position that is not '0'. Maybe create some position markers, too. Save that session and open it with Ardour 7.
Additional InformationTested with Ardour-7.0.80-dbg-x86_64-gcc5 and a session created with Debian's Ardour 6.9.0.
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2022-10-26 23:02

administrator   ~0026705

This was sort of a deliberate decision. The structure of the tempo map in 7.0 is radically different, and for now we opted to not correctly support 6.x sessions with the first tempo marker at 0.

However, we may be able to fix this at some point.

You should use 6.9 to continue working on such sessions.


2022-10-27 20:25

reporter   ~0026716

Not to hijack the thread, but is there any workaround for this? i.e. a conversion process. Perhaps doing as Save As to create a session copy with the new format? Or maybe a Lua script session patch that can just rewrite the tempo markers from a previous version?


2022-10-27 21:04

administrator   ~0026719

This is now "fixed" in the sense that we do the best we can:

* put a time signature marker at zero with the same time signature as the initial one in the 6.x version
* put a BBT marker at the position of the 6.x initial marker to reset the BBT time appropriately

7.x will not allow you to not have a time signature at zero, so this is the "best" we can do.

BTW, it was a very simple typo that stopped this from working already.

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