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0009025ardourbugspublic2022-10-28 00:43
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Summary0009025: Mixer Strip width random changes
DescriptionArdour 7.0 Mixer strips randomly change width. Changes to width are not saved with session. Changes in Mixer window are not replicated to Editor window.

This occurs on session load AND during session.
Steps To ReproduceUse any number of tracks. In Editor window, select any track and change width. Select a different track, then re-select the changed track and the width reverts to previous width.
Additional InformationThis is minor, but hugely annoying. It was always present in Ardour 6.x but has grown worse in Ardour 7.0.
Tagsmixer strips



2022-10-26 23:05

administrator   ~0026706

Nobody else has ever noticed/reported this behavior.


2022-10-27 19:54

reporter   ~0026714

This morning I tested with a clean config (renamed directory) and a new session with Ardour 7.0.0, And was unable to reproduce the problem.

Renamed the ardour7 directory to get the original back (which was copied from 6.9 on first run), and still was not able to reproduce the problem.

Went back to a session I was working on in 6.9 before the 7.0 release. Before loading, I confirmed in the session file it was created in 6.2 and modified in 7.0. Yes, there's a big gap because I've been using Mixbus32C. But the random strip width again greeted me at startup.

It seems the issues I'm running into are always when loading a session from a previous version into 7.0.


2022-10-27 22:53

reporter   ~0026722

Ok, I did reproduce some of it it in a limited way. This is in the clean 7.0 session.

First, when changing any strip width in the Editor window, all strips change as if Ctrl-Shift-Click was pressed. Is this by design?

Once that happens, they cannot decouple. So i get doublewide trailer strips on the MIDI tracks, or gobbledygook strips on the audio tracks.

The Mixer seems to have it's own width setting apart from the Editor window. Changing strip width there has no effect on the Editor strips.

Unfortunately, wide Editor width will propagate to MIDI tracks in the Mixer window after an exit and restart. When I save & exit from the Mixer window with narrow MIDI, but wide in Editor, on session reload the Mixer MIDI track becomes wide.


2022-10-27 23:17

administrator   ~0026723

ctrl-shift-<X> is the general modifier combo in ardour for "do this to everything"

but i am confused " changing any strip width in the editor window" ... there's only one strip in the editor window ... clcking on its width button seems to have no irregular effect. Did you mixer window?

Even so, the behavior there (in the mixer window) is essentially just what I would expect.

And yes, the editor strip is totally independent. It is not "owned" by any track, but shows the current first-selected track/bus etc.

Some screenshots or even a screencast would help.


2022-10-27 23:22

administrator   ~0026724

here's my screencast of just the editor window. i can't see any misbehavipr here:
width.webm (931,122 bytes)   


2022-10-27 23:38

reporter   ~0026726

Maybe I'm the one who's confused. I didn't realize the Editor window treats the mixer strips as all one strip.

Your synths look fine. Here's what a 16 channel track looks like.

As long as I *never* touch the width in the Editor window, I can keep the narrow MIDI and wide Audio default. But as soon as I touch it once, it's game over. I can never get back that combination.
narrow-MIDI.png (124,776 bytes)   
narrow-MIDI.png (124,776 bytes)   
wide-MIDI.png (133,125 bytes)   
wide-MIDI.png (133,125 bytes)   


2022-10-27 23:44

administrator   ~0026727

ah, ok, now i understand.

Yeah, understanding that the editor mixer strip is one strip with "ever changing content" is important here. When you make it narrow, that isn't an operation somehow tied to the currently displayed track, it's a purely visual thing for the editor mixer strip. It will continue to be that way regardless of the content shown.

In the mixer view/tab/window, the strips are "bound" to show just "their" track/bus. So when you change width there it *appears* to be a persistent setting for the track/bus. But again, it's just a visual thing, not a setting of the track/bus. You don't see this because the strip <-> track/bus mapping never changes.


2022-10-28 00:02

reporter   ~0026728

Ok. But that doesn't explain the width change in the Mixer window on exit & restart.

This is just the small piece I could reproduce on a pure 7.0 session. I'm still mystified by the random width shuffling in the Mixer window in 6.x. And I mean random. It will be like 2 or 3 adjacent audio tracks/busses in a larger group. Sometimes it's less random, and only narrows the last track all the way to the right.

If it's part of the display subsystem, anyplace I can tweak it ? Try a different theme or something?



2022-10-28 00:43

administrator   ~0026731

absolutely nothing to do with themeing.

from a quick scan of the code, the mixer width strip is only saved if it was set individually for that strip. any time you set it via the mixe (e.g. Ctrl-Shift-click) or or a menu item, we will not save that setting. That may explain part of what you are seeing.

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