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0009013ardourfeaturespublic2022-10-20 18:15
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Summary0009013: BWF export with user-selected timecode
DescriptionBWF maintains timecode information. Sometimes the timecode desired should track to the ardour transport timecode at export. But sometimes what is needed is for the timecode to match some other real-world value (e.g., the timecode found in a recorded LTC track for instance).

I have been able to accomplish this by moving all of my tracks way WAAAY out in the ardour editor to the desired timecode. This works, but is annoying to work in as now there is all that space, and it's a little touchy having to get multiple regions sync'd to that.

It would be better if we could define that the ardour transport, at its left-most position, corresponded to a particular user-named timecode (and then for the LTC generator to start at this value, and for BWF exports to use that value for the first recorded sample/frame, etc.

Failing that, it may remain valuable to have an LTC timecode offset in preferences as currently is implemeted, but to also have an export offset. I consider this less useful as all times reported in clocks, the transport, etc., won't read to match those "real-world" external values.

This would be handiest if I could also select an track containing LTC and have the first timecode frame value reported. Or alternatively an option to set the transport timecode offset from an LTC track (THIS!)
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2022-10-20 18:15

administrator   ~0026656

> . Or alternatively an option to set the transport timecode offset from an LTC track

Session > Properties > Timecode

Let me know if this works for you.

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