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0009006ardourbugspublic2022-11-05 19:48
ReporterAttila S. Assigned Tox42  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009006: Plugin analysis goes astray
DescriptionI observed that the “Edit with generic controls” window’s “Plugin analysis” goes astray with the ACMT ACM-2SA and ACM-5SA vst3 plugins, if I set values on the standard plugin UI and then I open the plugin with “Edit with generic controls” and here I open the plugin analysis. It will not show the changes that I made.

BUT if I’m using from start only the generic controls then the analysis seems to work correctly.

I also contacted the plugin’s developer and he said the problem is not on the plugins side.

I attached a screenshot.
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Attila S.

2022-10-18 19:01


plugin-analysis-acm-2sa.png (226,325 bytes)   
plugin-analysis-acm-2sa.png (226,325 bytes)   


2022-11-04 17:03

administrator   ~0026851

Fixed in 7.1-18-g0aad0ae464

Attila S.

2022-11-05 19:48

reporter   ~0026854

Thank You!

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