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0000090ardourbugspublic2008-11-20 23:38
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Summary0000090: Please re-open 0000057 "measure lines don't extend past current end of session"
Descriptionoriginal bug was;
 "measure lines don't extend past current end of session"

the fix was;
 "changed Editor::draw_measures() to use the range (leftmost_frame, rightmost_frame) rather than (0, session->current_end()). amazingly, it works."

The fix is not a fix if one uses the scroll bar instead of the arrows to move around the session.
We needed some smoother scrolling for the scroll bar, which is why the original code was "(0, session->current_end())" (no re-draws take place on scrollbar use).

As a better fix, may i suggest that session->current_end() be set to a new "special" marker, instead of the location of the last region in the session?
This new marker could default to say, 4 minutes for a new session.. thus drawing enough measure lines to get started.
The user could then move the marker later as the project grows.
Additional InformationPlease also read the original bug (0000057).
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2003-10-26 16:36

administrator   ~0000102

nick - you'll need to clarify quite a lot of this.

we do not update the measure lines during scrolling - only at button release, so your suggestion makes no sense to me. i've also tried this with scrolling by dragging in the rulers (behaviour that jesse added recently) and it seems smooth to me. i don't see a problem, and i don't think you know how the current code operates, or i'm just misunderstanding what you mean.


2003-10-27 12:35


Sorry if the above was vague. Please bear with me..
The original bug was that a new session contains no measure lines, making it difficult to place regions initially.
This was due (in my opinion) to session->current_end() being set to zero in a new session (this is because session->current_end() is determined by the position of the last region in the session).
The fix that Paul applied had the added side-effect of exposing the as-yet-undrawn measure lines when scrolling with the scrollbar (try it.. you'll only see lines from the previous scroll position untill you release the scrollbar). The lines of course return on button release, but this is little help to a user who wants to scroll through her session to visually check the alignment of beats in a long region.
Paul is correct ..this side effect is indeed because "we do not update the measure lines during scrolling".
If we draw the entire sessons' measure lines initially, the above side effect is not present.. because all lines are already drawn.
The user sees measure lines always .. whichever method he uses to scroll.
I'm proposing making session->current_end() a visible marker instead of an automatically prepared value.
If session->current_end() was visible (and draggable), we could set it to a reasonable default value, thus fixing bug 0000057 without the above side effect.
This way, you wouldn't have to update the measure lines so much.

.. is that clearer?


2004-07-31 23:09

administrator   ~0001323

Is this still an issue?


2004-08-01 04:15

developer   ~0001333

I'd like to close this bug, but I can't log in under this name any more.
Could some kind superuser do it for me?


2004-08-01 04:30

administrator   ~0001334

Nick says it's not an issue anymore.

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