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0008996ardourbugspublic2022-10-18 00:53
Reportergaryd Assigned Tox42  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.0 
Summary0008996: Lua fails to show/hide VCAs (Mixbusses too)
DescriptionThe script below (Steps to Reproduce) works in Ardour v6 and Mixbus v7 - it successfully hides/shows a VCA strip in the Editor (and Mixer). A similar script can hide/show a Mixbus strip in the Editor.

In Ardour v7 and Mixbus v8 it doesn't work for VCAs or Mixbusses. Other kinds of routes still work fine: tracks, busses, Master.

I reported this to Nathan @ Mixbus as I noticed it in Mixbus32C v8. Haven't heard back and I see it's affecting Ardour v7 too.
Steps To ReproduceRun this script in the Script window...

local vca = Session:vca_manager():vca_by_number(1)
local stav = Editor:get_stripable_time_axis_by_id(vca:to_stateful():id())
Editor:hide_track_in_display(stav, false)
--Editor:show_track_in_display(stav, false)

That 'should' hide VCA 1 in the Editor (and Mixer). Likewise, the last line should show it instead, if it's currently hidden. At least, that's what it does in earlier versions, hence the "should" in quotes.

For a track named "Audio 1" and for Mixbus 1 (or is that 2? ... whatever) that are currently visible in the Editor, the following script should hide both. It only hides the track.

local track = Session:route_by_name("Audio 1")
local mb = Session:get_mixbus(1)
--hide track in Editor
Editor:hide_track_in_display(Editor:rtav_from_route(track):to_timeaxisview(), false)
--hide mb in Editor
Editor:hide_track_in_display(Editor:rtav_from_route(mb):to_timeaxisview(), false)
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2022-10-17 10:36

reporter   ~0026614

Forgot to mention...

It doesn't throw an error or anything. It just silently doesn't work.


2022-10-18 00:26

administrator   ~0026632

Fixed in Ardour 7.0-41-g7c6c6290ee
The underlying function indeed silently ignored VCAs. In the past it also only applied to Tracks (not Busses), hence the somewhat inconsistent name.

Mixbus will need further specialization, since editor and mixer visibility of those are separated.


2022-10-18 00:53

administrator   ~0026634

Now also fixed in Mixbus 8.1-891

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