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0008990ardourfeaturespublic2022-10-17 16:58
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0008990: Combining regions removes their region cue marks
DescriptionWhen I select two (adjacent, in this case) regions and go Selected regions > Edit > Combine, any cue marks on the regions will disappear. I would expect them to be transferred to the resulting combined region.
Steps To ReproduceCombine regions with some cue marks on them, resulting region will not have any cue marks.
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2022-10-16 09:02


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2022-10-16 09:07

reporter   ~0026609

please, someone with proper permissions, fix combing -> combining in the summary; sorry


2022-10-17 13:17

administrator   ~0026616

There is only a single sync-position per region. So it is somewhat ill defined what should happen.
Presumably the compound should inherit the earliest marker.


2022-10-17 16:44

administrator   ~0026620

This is not about sync positions, but region cue markers. These markers are actually associated with the underlying source (file) and yes, they ought to be transferred. However, the whole magic of "Combine" is that it does not actually create a new file at all. Some thought will be required to see how hard it might be to add the markers to a source type that is not actually a file.


2022-10-17 16:58

administrator   ~0026624

I see, looking at the screenshot, those marks look like sync-points. I though they're yellow because of some theme option. my bad.

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