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0000899ardourbugspublic2010-05-01 20:04
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Summary0000899: Freeze track -> Waveform display quirks
Description1. Record couple of bars of ardour's click
2. Set Zoom span to about 7 seconds
3. Freeze the region
4. Listen -> Clicks are on the beat
   Look -> First bar got shifted
5. Zoom in -> Waveform looks right, clicks are on the beat
   Zoom out -> Waveform looks wrong

This was just a simplified test after freezing a longer audio track which looked -- well -- very different after freezing but sounded right just the same.

(built using 0.575.1 with libardour 0.872.0)
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2010-05-01 20:04

administrator   ~0007702

This appears to have been fixed. Can you confirm?

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