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0008973ardourfeaturespublic2023-08-22 07:50
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionMixbus 8.x 
Summary0008973: Inconsistent Snap options
DescriptionIn Mixbus's Editor window, just above the rulers, there's a button saying 'Snap' and to the right of it there's another button offering the various Grid options. And the Edit menu (Edit->Snap & Grid) also contains a list of Grid options. For the most part, selecting an option in one menu will reflect the same option in the other.

Unfortunately though... the two menus offer different options so sometimes, selecting an option in one menu will leave the other menu showing no selection. Is that intentional or do the two menus need to be brought into sync?

Or maybe one of them isn't needed any more ?
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2022-09-29 11:56

reporter   ~0026590

I found this early return in 'gtk2_ardour/' which I thought might be causing the problem:-

Editor::grid_type_is_musical(GridType gt) const
    switch (gt) {
    case GridTypeBeatDiv32:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv28:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv24:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv20:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv16:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv14:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv12:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv10:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv8:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv7:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv6:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv5:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv4:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv3:
    case GridTypeBeatDiv2:
    case GridTypeBeat:
    case GridTypeBar:
        return true; // <--- returns early !!!
    case GridTypeNone:
    case GridTypeTimecode:
    case GridTypeMinSec:
    case GridTypeCDFrame:
        return false;
    return false;

However, I rebuilt with that line commented out but it didn't change anything. I've also discovered that this affects both Mixbus and Ardour but the bit I'm not sure about is whether it's intentional.


2023-08-21 20:49

reporter   ~0027987

I just checked this on Ardour 7.5.0 (Linux) and cannot reproduce.

I see the exact same entries in both:
1) the grid option button next to the snap button
2) the edit > snap&grid menu

Maybe somebody else fixed this in the meantime?


2023-08-22 07:50

reporter   ~0027989

Well it's nearly a year since I first reported this so maybe it was still a 'work-in-progress' back then? This morning I've tested again (in Mixbus) and yes, it does seem fixed now.

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