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0008920ardourfeaturespublic2022-08-12 13:44
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Summary0008920: VST plugin issue with multi-output plugins
DescriptionSorry if I'm duplicating an entry here. AFAICT it isn't possible to search the entries using text. You need to search for a specific bug ID number (is that just me misunderstanding something..?) Anyway...

Over on the Mixbus forum there've been reports about VST3 plugins not working if they offer multiple outputs (more than 2 presumably...) The older VST2 plugins support multiple outputs okay apparently.
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related to 0008855 new No audio inputs for Surge VST3 
has duplicate 0008939 new Some VST3 plugins produce no output - ALL VST3 plugins show I/O error in plugin manager 



2022-06-02 01:15

administrator   ~0026478

Probably not a duplicate, but currently expected behavior, which is also documented in the manual.

Ardour only supports one optional bus for VST3 plugins (usually side-chain input), and does not support variable I/o for VST3 plugins. Addressing this is on the long-term ToDo list.

(VST2 does not support variable I/O, an instrument with multi-channel output will always have all those outputs)


2022-06-02 01:18

administrator   ~0026479

This is not a Windows specific issue, but Ardour/VST3 related.

Conceptually VST3 bussing is at odds with how Ardour internally handles variable-i/o (which is heavily inspired by audio unit). Solving this will require a major internal overhaul.

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