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0000891features2018-10-25 19:17
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Summary0000891: Adding the possibility to rename/delete mixer group
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to rename, or delete a previously created mixer group, as sometimes it's common to create a group to link some tracks that are afterwards eliminated, and the group name created for them has no sense/utility... So they would acumulate to an "infinite" names group list...

It would be most intuitive (perhaps) to be done as follows:
right mouse button click over the mixer group ---> rename ; delete ; (un)link gain; etc...
Or perhaps just within the menu that appears when left clicking the "mixer groups"... etc.
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2018-10-25 19:17

reporter   ~0020425

Closing this ticket as it was reported against an old version of Ardour and is very likely irrelevant nowadays.
If the issue still occurs with a newer Ardour version, please open a new ticket.

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