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0000089ardourbugspublic2004-12-18 22:22
Reporterv2 Assigned Topaul  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000089: Record button for track does not work (under these conditions)
DescriptionI have a connection defined 'Stereo Out' to help me with the mess of connecting all tracks to the mixdown track. So, when I do the mixdown, I do the following:
 1) Create new stereo track
 2) I configure the 'Stereo Out' connection to output to
    the mixdown track's two inputs.

Now when I try recording the song to the mixdown track, the record (or R) button fails to work. I get the button to work by doing the following:
  1) Press the INPUT button on the mixdown track
  2) Remove something out of either input
  3) Add that something back on the input

After this it works.

My analysis (from not viewing) the code, is that the disabled/enabled status of the record button is connected to that channel's input dialog, instead of checking wether the channel has any inputs or not.

(This happens at least in version 0.9rc5)
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2003-10-24 19:49

administrator   ~0000086

I've had this happen to me too.


2003-12-05 04:05

administrator   ~0000246

i think this might be fixed in current CVS or even 0.9beta8, could you please check and confirm? i can't make it happen with my copy. thanks very much.


2003-12-06 18:43

developer   ~0000248

I'm now using the PlanetCCRMA 0.9beta9 (redhat 9) version. The bug is still there. It still seems like the record buttons disabled/enabled status is controlled by the input selection dialog. When the user changes the tracks inputs, the enabled/disabled status is checked.


2004-04-20 17:03

administrator   ~0000646

Reminder sent to v2

Is this still a problem with the latest tarball?


2004-04-20 17:21

developer   ~0000648

I tested with a cvs version from a few days back:

Ardour/GTK 0.464.0 running with libardour 0.739.0

The bug still exists.

It seems that if the channel gets input ports assigned somewhere else than the channels input dialog, the record button won't go down.


2004-05-26 12:15

administrator   ~0000835

i believe that this is all fixed because of drastic architectural changes in recent months. please confirm.


2004-05-26 14:33

developer   ~0000861

Not fixed.. Sorry.

Ardour/GTK 0.512.2 running with libardour 0.812.0

Here is what I did:
 1) Create new session
 2) Create two tracks, 1 & 2
 3) Disconnect inputs on Audio 2
 4) Window->connections->new output "Test"
 5) Select "Test" and add port connecting to ardour:Audio 2/in 1 (close dialog)
 6) Connect Audio 1 output to "Test"
 7) Click 'Rec' on Audio 2:
  [ERROR]: track Audio 2 has no input connections [This Message To Be Expanded]

If you now check input->edit on Track 2, you'll see that it infact has inputs.

I've got a suggestion. The situation that someone tries to Rec enable a track with no inputs if very exotic (as in does-not-happen-very-often). It wouldn't be a real performance hit to recheck this if Ardour thinks the track is not connected.

It would also help using external software (i.e. qjackctl) to connect external software to ardour tracks.

boolean Track::recEnableTrack()
   if (!this->hasInputs) {
      /* This code is executed maybe three times a year... */
      if (!manually_check_from_jack_wheter_this_is_connected()) {
         return false;
   return true;


2004-12-08 21:25

updater   ~0001685

still there,
you don't need to make a named connection
Just connecting it from a route output, instead of connecting the input will trigger this.
So clear connections of track2
Select track2's input in the output dialog of track1
Still can't record


2004-12-12 04:20

administrator   ~0001706

fixed in CVS. thanks to v2 for the suggested fix.


2004-12-18 22:22

developer   ~0001740

Works great! Nice dialog explaining what happened. Good job! (beta22)

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