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0008899ardourbugspublic2022-04-20 19:19
ReportermrMute Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008899: Selected MIDI notes in regions stay selected when creating a selection in another region
DescriptionCreating a new selection in a region deselects the notes of the previous selection in that region.

But when you select midi notes in a region and make a new selection in a second region, the notes in the first region stay selected.

This selection can be expanded over multiple regions.

Edits like resizing and deleting notes are applied to all the notes you selected this way.

This can lead to unexpected data loss.

Steps To ReproduceSwitch to edit mode.

Select some notes in a region.

Select some notes in another region.
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related to 0008729 feedbackpaul Impossible to deselects regions for multi-region MIDI editing - resulting in unwanted note alteration on multiple tracks 



2022-04-13 20:37


selection.png (65,473 bytes)   
selection.png (65,473 bytes)   


2022-04-18 05:01

administrator   ~0026406

this should either be dramatically improved or totally fixed in git master (nightly builds) as of commit #a0d08232ad9

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