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0008890ardourbugspublic2022-04-21 11:25
Reporterbmuxbeats Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformDesktopOSManjaro LinuxOS Version21.2.5
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008890: Generic MIDI Binding Maps / bind sysex messages not working
DescriptionI'm currently creating a new generic MIDI binding map for an AKAI MPK261 MIDI controller.
First of all I want to re-map my transport controlling keys.

According to the dedicated documentation ( I've tried the following command:

Binding sysex="f0 7f 7f 06 06 f7" action="Transport/RecordCountIn"/> <!-- Record w/Count-In -->

This definition will not be recognized fro Ardour.

As I tryed out the following definition:
Binding msg="f0 7f 7f 06 06 f7" action="Transport/RecordCountIn"/> <!-- Record w/Count-In -->
This worked without any problems.
Steps To ReproduceI've created a brand new file named file in the folder /usr/share/ardour6/midi_maps/

I've attached the file to this post.
If you open up the file, you can see some lines with "...sysex=". They won't be recognized by Ardour.
The lines with the "...msg=" are recognized and they do their job.
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2022-03-23 18:45

reporter (979 bytes)


2022-04-16 00:49

administrator   ~0026394

I think this is fairly simple. All sysex messages start with 0xf0 and end with 0xf7. If you define a message as "sysex", the definition should only contain the *contents* of the sysex message, not the start (0xf0) or the end (0xf7). Let me know if that works for you.


2022-04-21 11:24

reporter   ~0026410

Nope - it doesn' work.


2022-04-21 11:25

reporter   ~0026411

The documentation shows the following lines:

 You can also bind sysex messages:
<Binding sysex="f0 0 0 e 9 0 5b f7" ….
<Binding sysex="f0 7f 0 6 7 f7" ….

The string after the sysex= part is the sequence of MIDI bytes, as hexadecimal values, that make up the sysex message.

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