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0008859ardourbugspublic2022-03-14 14:12
Reporterjohne53 Assigned Tox42  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008859: Latest dev code cannot load sessions from earlier versions
DescriptionThis is currently affecting the dev versions for both Ardour and Mixbus What happens here is that if I try to load a session from some previous version, timeline regions get positioned on the correct track - but they're all positioned to start at zero timecode.
Additional InformationThe problem seems to be in 'timecnt_t::string_to (std::string const & str)' (libs/temporal/

    if (isdigit (str[0])) {
        /* old school position format: we assume samples */
        std::stringstream ss (str);
        ss >> sm;
        _distance = int62_t (false, samples_to_superclock (sm, TEMPORAL_SAMPLE_RATE));
        _position = timepos_t (AudioTime); // <--- PROBLEM IS HERE !!!!
        /**/ std::cerr << "deserialized timecnt from older " << str << " as " << *this << std::endl;
        return true;

AFAICT that section only ever gets called while processing a region's "length" property - i.e. whilst importing a session from an earlier format. But the '_position' property isn't getting processed. It's just assumed to be zero. I'm not sure if there's an elegant fix for this problem. A region's 'length' property and its 'position' property are now both part of the same property. But AFAIK it isn't possible to process the two older properties simultaneously.
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2022-01-13 17:55

administrator   ~0026295

When you start Ardour pre-alpha there is a "Pre-Release Warning" dialog, please re-read it.

In particular:
4) Please do NOT file bugs for this alpha-development versions at this point in time


2022-01-14 07:53

reporter   ~0026296

Strangely enough I don't see that message box, I'm not sure why. Anyway, yesterday I filed bug report 0008858 and also this one - so just feel free to delete them.


2022-01-30 14:14

reporter   ~0026320

Working again now in git master.


2022-03-14 14:12

viewer   ~0026348

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