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0008849ardourfeaturespublic2022-01-04 14:23
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008849: Allow more than 32 Editor Action Scripts
DescriptionToday, 32 Editor Action Scripts can be registered to allow triggering LUA scripts.
While this is more than reasonable when these actions are triggered via the UI/keyboard, the fact that these actions can also be triggered via OSC offers HUGE possibilities to optimize one's workflow and I find myself having reached that 32 limit already.

If this is an arbitrary limitation, could it be increased to something like 64 or 128 to allow for headroom ?
Of course their OSC exposition counterpart should also be ensured.
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2022-01-04 08:40

reporter   ~0026288

Note that this limitation could be less of an issue if Editor Actions could receive parameters, say an int or float
Could be that when invoked via button or keyboard the parameter is not passed but invoking via OSC, the parameter could be passed. This would allow to use a single script/EditorAction for multiple things.

Sounds more complicated, not aligned with the philosophy of EditorActions etc ...; so probably a stupid idea but I thought I'd mention it anyway ;-)


2022-01-04 14:23

administrator   ~0026289

Yes, it is mostly arbitrary. Since actions which are usually bound to keyboard shortcuts, 32 seemed plenty.

If you compile Ardour from source, you can increase it already:


in gtk2_ardour/ardour_ui.h

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