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Summary0008843: Feature Request: optional Dry/Wet controll for Plugins in channel strip.
DescriptionI would like to be able to mix my processed Signal with the original inside the channelstrip. There is a lot of plugins that dont support that in their controls. I would like to add an dry/wet control to these Plugins inside the channelstrip. It is not too often it is needed so it could be also a hidden controll.
Thank you for reading! :)
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2021-12-28 15:30

administrator   ~0026284

We have considered this before but so far chose to not implement it for the following reasons:

The problem is that the host does not know the correct way to do this without introducing artifacts.
Proper Dry/Wet control depends on the DSP (as does properly bypassing a plugin). EQs are a prime example for this.

Additionally this would introduce overhead, even though it is minute, it can become significant if the session scales up.
Ideally dry/wet is only added in place where it is needed, on demand.

For your case there are 3 options currently:
 * Use Aux Sends to a separate bus to duplicate the steam
 * Duplicate the track with a shared playlist, use different set of plugins on both
 * Use Pin-connections to pass the signal around the plugin. Then Mix the result using a cross-fade or A/B plugin e.g.

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