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0008831ardourbugspublic2021-12-02 00:31
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Summary0008831: Inconsistent MIDI messages generated by playhead repositioning depending on Aux Send vs port connection
DescriptionWhen repositioning the playhead, a MIDI track sends Damper Pedal Off (0x4000) and All Notes Off (0x7B00) on all channels when connected via port (i.e. Window ? MIDI Connections), but not when connected by Aux Send.

These same messages are sent on both connections when the track is being muted.

Incidentally this causes unwanted damper pedal noise from at least one virtual piano, so I would also like to enquire whether sending the messages is even correct and if so, how the piano should deal with them.
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2021-12-02 00:31

administrator   ~0026269

I also noticed that recently.

MIDI panic messages injected and directly sent to synth-plugins on tracks and output ports (which usually feed external synths).
They are not produced at the input and passed though, because there may be multiple plugins and some "eat" MIDI messages, or a track may not monitor input (but play from disk) so it would be lost.

But it seems there is some inconsistency here with MIDI busses with this out-of-band data. The goal is to not collect the panic message from multiple aux-sources (so you get N times the panic message), but re-inject it directly to the synth on the Bus, or the Bus' output.

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