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0008807bugs2021-09-30 01:29
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Summary0008807: Ardour 7 crashes when resizing a MIDI region to the left.
DescriptionWith the following output:

ardour-7.0.pre0.1017: ../libs/temporal/ Temporal::superclock_t Temporal::TempoPoint::superclock_at(const Temporal::Beats&) const: Assertion `qn >= _quarters' failed.

Please see the backtrace in attachments.
Steps To Reproduce- Open a new session in Ardour 7
- Add a MIDI track (Reasonable synth)
- Workaround the bug by augmenting the new MIDI track's height
- Switch to Draw Mode and draw a midi region somewhere on the timeline
- Switch to Grab Mode and Resize the MIDI region to the left
Additional Information- Resizing the MIDI region to the Right seems to not trigger the crash
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2021-09-29 22:09


ardour7-bt.log (85,285 bytes)


2021-09-29 22:17

administrator   ~0026173

Yes, it is a known issues. Please see the "pre-release warning" that shows up every time you start this under heavy development version.

4) Please do NOT file bugs for this alpha-development versions at this point in time.
   There is no bug triaging before the initial development concludes and
   reporting issue for incomplete, ongoing work-in-progress is mostly useless.



2021-09-30 01:26

reporter   ~0026174

Oh, ok. My bad. I'll close the issues.

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