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0008798features2021-11-18 09:06
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Product Version6.9 
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Summary0008798: Tooltips (hover) for MouseMode should also tell which keyboard shortcuts enable them
DescriptionJust like when we hover over 'Follow Range' button, we see in the tooltip 'Shortcut: Ctrl + 3'

This is super helpful and teaches us how we can switch modes faster.

We should also add tooltips with shortcuts for the MouseModes, so we can learn faster which mode does what.

We can of course use Alt+k and search for the commands, but tooltips are much faster, and teach us even if we did not intend on learning the shortcut.
Needless to say, I don't like guessing the keys blindly, because I am afraid some keys might do some damage to the regions without noticing.
Steps To ReproduceHover over any of the MouseModes (Grab, Draw, Edit etc).

The tooltip is there, but it does not say which keyboard shortcut can be used.
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2021-09-19 09:05



2021-09-19 16:53

administrator   ~0026149

Fixed in Ardour 7.0-pre0-985-gbcb9487c39


2021-11-18 09:06

viewer   ~0026217

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