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0008789ardourbugspublic2021-10-20 16:04
Reporterspiffyk Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008789: MIDI notes pass through a note effect plugin that is deleting them from the buffer
DescriptionI am developing a note effect plugin (downloads for testing purposes here: This plugin takes input MIDI notes, keeps their relevant data in memory, deletes them from the MIDI buffer, and creates new notes based on its configuration, for the purpose of being sent to a synthesizer. In Ardour, the note deletion is somehow ignored and the "note on" signal is passed through the plugin into the synth, causing unintended behaviour.

This problem only affects the VST3 version of the plugin, the LV2 version seems to be behaving correctly.
Steps To Reproduce- Add a new MIDI track with LibreArp (VST3 version; LV2 is not affected)
- Add a synthesizer *after* LibreArp
- Draw a chord in the edit view for the track to play
- Draw a pattern in LibreArp
- Play the chord

Expected behaviour: Only the arpeggio generated by LibreArp should be played
Actual behaviour: The original chord as well as the arpeggio are played
TagsMidi, VST3



2021-08-21 16:25

reporter   ~0026120

This issue also only affects Ardour, no other DAW exhibits this behaviour.


2021-08-23 05:11

administrator   ~0026124

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed in 7.0-pre0-869-g1e84f217ac


2021-10-20 16:04

viewer   ~0026193

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