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0008770features2021-09-04 10:22
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Summary0008770: Waveforms of mono regions
DescriptionHi, since Ardour 6.6 Waveforms of mono (1 channel) regions are displayed on top of region (in place where left chanel is), instead of center displaying.
Is it possible to add an option to display waveform as it was before (in Ardour 6.5). Has it been changed intentionaly?
Additional InformationLinux MInt 20.1
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2021-07-06 10:22


6.5.png (103,542 bytes)
6.5.png (103,542 bytes)
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6.8.png (93,559 bytes)


2021-07-07 02:57

administrator   ~0026033

It was a bug in 6.5. Note that there is Preferences > Signal Flow > Replicate missing channel regions
A mono region may or may not play on both channels, this was misleadingly indicated by showing the waveform expand.

Also try a stereo source on a 3 channel track. This quickly gets confusing if the waveforms expand to channels that are not present.

Furthermore adding/removing ports to an existing track did not update the waveform display in 6.5. It was possible to have a stereo region show 2 channels on a mono track, which ought to be impossible.


2021-07-07 02:58

administrator   ~0026034

Intentional change -- not a bug


2021-07-07 04:03

reporter   ~0026035

OK, it makes sense. I am using Ardour in 2 channels mode and sometimes have to add mono regions :)
Thank you very much :)


2021-09-04 10:22

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