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0008764ardourbugspublic2024-06-30 06:52
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Product Version6.7 
Summary0008764: VST3 Plug-In GUIs cannot be resized smaller than the size at the most recent project save
DescriptionArdour assumes that the size of a VST3 plug-in GUI window when a project is saved, is the 'default' size e.g. the normal or smallest size the GUI is intended or permitted to be. This means that if you save a project with a VST3 plug-in GUI open, you can never resize the GUI smaller than the last saved size. This is compounded by the fact that Ardour 'hides' rather than closes a UI window when the *close* button is clicked, meaning that even if you 'close' the plug-in GUI, and then resave the session, on next loading and opening the plug-in GUI, the window will still default to the wrong size and it will not be possible to size it smaller.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open a VST3 plug-in with a resizable UI.
2. Increase the size
3. Save the project / session
4 Re-open the session
5. Try to shrink the UI back to its minimum size.
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2021-06-28 22:38

administrator   ~0026017

It is plugin and also OS specific. Steinberg's VST Host Checker is not affected by the issue you describe on Linux.
but yes, Ardour's handling of resizable VST3 plugins is incomplete. there is no checkSizeConstraint() support yet.

Until the issue is fixed, you can work-around by using "Edit with generic controls" (processor box context menu) or Alt+double-click. This destroys the custom plugin UI.


2021-06-28 23:11

reporter   ~0026018

checkSizeConstrain() is what you need - that should always limit the (requested) UI dimensions to 'safe' minimum or maximum values. The underlying issue might not be a VST3 specific one, though it is Ardour specific.
it appears that VST2 plug-in GUIs also have the same behaviour in Ardour, its just that because of the way live UI sizing is a non-standard VST2 plug-in hack, its possible for the user to override Ardour's behaviour and 'force' the window smaller. It seems as if its actually the size of the window when its first *opened* which Ardour assumes to be the default size. Unfortunately, when a session is saved with the GUI open, the next time it's loaded, Ardour opens the GUI with the saved size, and then this new 'first opened' size becomes the (new) default minimum size etc.


2024-06-30 06:52

reporter   ~0028810

I confirm that Ardour never seems to call checkSizeConstraint , but seems to use the values returned by the first getSize call as the minimum UI size.
LV2 works fine though (most likely it takes min size the X server).
I am using Linux/X11/Ardour v 8.1.0.

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