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Summary0000876: latency issue (setting a default latency for editing and for recording)
Descriptionat beta24, I have seen that you have added an option to choose latency with the number of frames of JACK configuration.
I have an idea which is not difficult to add (IMHO) and would lower the possibility of a crash while editing my ardour projects.
I suggest setting up a configuration which allow you to set automatically a default latency when no "R" of recording is marked, and a default latency when some "R" is pressed. This way, we would be able to use low latency to record (critical) and high latency for editing (where it's not very important usually).
Now when I editing/recording I have to do it manually and it slows my work a lot or, at low latencies, I get some unpleasant cuts of sound when I scroll down while editing.

I look forward to your comments,
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2005-02-03 12:12

administrator   ~0001956

Changing the JACK buffer size (which is what determines latency) is a non-trivial operation. There are JACK clients that cannot handle a buffer size change, for example. I like the general direction of your suggestion, but I am not sure it could be done the way you are suggesting. In particular, Ardour allows you to punch in+out using the rec button, and changing the JACK latency at that time would be a serious mistake (it could be caught by checking if the transport is rolling already). I'll keep the idea in the back of mind, and we'll revisit it post-2.0.


2018-10-25 19:15

reporter   ~0020421

Closing this ticket as it was reported against an old version of Ardour and is very likely irrelevant nowadays.
If the issue still occurs with a newer Ardour version, please open a new ticket.

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