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0008759bugs2021-06-23 07:36
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Summary0008759: MIDI learn does not have any effect
DescriptionWhen using the MIDI learn (ctrl-middle click) feature, parameters appear to acknowledge incoming MIDI when mapping but the controller fails to have any effect on the parameter value itself.

I noticed this when I was testing issue 0008756, in an earlier commit there was usually at least "some" sporadic movement of the parameter in response to the controller movements. In the most recent commit I tested (8ad1405cf5e83a31017d88ee6706c819b484a37c) parameters appear entirely unresponsive.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Ardour
2. Enable Generic MIDI under preferences -> control surfaces. Select your controller for Incoming MIDI.
3. Create an audio track
4. Ctrl - middle click on a fader, see pop-up "operate controller now"
5. Move a control knob or something on your controller, see that the MIDI control message is acknowledged as the popup disappears
6. Continue moving your controller and observe that the mapped parameter does not respond to the incoming messages (i.e. nothin happens!)
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