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0008751bugs2021-06-19 18:07
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Product Version6.7 
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Summary0008751: Ruler is displayed wrongly when snap is not activated
DescriptionWhen changing from 1/8 (or bigger) to 1/16 (or smaller) grids, the ruler always shows 1/8, regardless of which value you choose. If you _previously_ activate snap, then it behaves correctly -if you select 1/16 it shows fifteen lines between bar lines included the reference numbers (beats and ticks). However, if you firstly select, for example, 1/16 and then activate "snap", the ruler doesn't diplay that resolution. So you have to set a greater value and then go back to 1/16 in order to get the right ruler.

Expected behaviour: ruler always displays the selected grid value, no matter if "snap" is on or off.
Steps To Reproduce1. Turn snap off
2. Select 1/8 (or bigger) grid
3. Change to 1/16 (or smaller) grid
4. The ruler always shows 1/8, instead of 1/16 (or the smaller grid you have chosen)
Additional InformationIt doesn't matter which mode you use. I've also tried changing "General Snap options" in preference, but it didn't seem to affect this behaviour.

I tried this on 6.7.187, 6.7.0 and 6.6.0 versions.
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