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0008729bugs2021-08-08 18:36
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PlatformPCOSManjaro LinuxOS VersionKDE
Product Version6.7 
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Summary0008729: Impossible to deselects regions for multi-region MIDI editing - resulting in unwanted note alteration on multiple tracks
DescriptionWhen editing MIDI in a large project I've realized some of my notes are way longer than the y should be, and that I remember making them.

I've inspected the issue and realized when I enter the Edit Mode, there's a lot of MIDI regions selected, with all of the notes inside of them selected as well.
As a result when I try to change length of a single note in one region - dozens of other MIDI notes get altered as well in other regions on other tracks against my intention.

I have tried going in and out of Edit Mode or selecting notes, using Region > Select > Deselect all - to no avail.
it seems the only way for me to alter length of a note without messing up my project in unknown capacity is to delete a note I want to alter and add it again with a different length.

Any attempt at changing the note length will further mess up my project.

This has happened before in the 6.0 branch, but never to such a degree.



2021-08-08 18:36

reporter   ~0026098

This bug strikes again in 6.8:

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