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0008717bugs2021-08-25 00:44
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Fixed in Version6.7 
Summary0008717: by changing grid mode Rulers (meter && tempo) that I have nothing to do with them appear
Descriptionafter change grid mode from X to Y (1/16 to 1/4 or 1/3 to other grid mode) meter and tempo ruler appear
why ?? i dont need ruler
I just want change the grid mode I do not want the ruler to appear
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related to 0008320 new A6 no longer remembers user-selected ruler fields 



2021-05-22 15:22


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2021-05-24 21:48

developer   ~0025888

The current operation is based on the idea that most people will choose one grid "type" (bbt, smpte, hms) for a given session/project. And when they select the desired grid we should make sure that a matching ruler is provided. In the case of music, the full set of BBT, Meter and Tempo are displayed.

It was a mistake to trigger this behavior when the user only selects a different beat subdivision but stays within the musical (bbt) grid type. I have fixed this so it only switches when you change between bbt/smpte/hms grid type; not when selecting different subdivisions: git sha 627741


2021-07-21 15:22

viewer   ~0026070

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