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0008703bugs2021-05-13 15:25
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Summary0008703: Feedback GUI-field is blinking even though it does not in ardour 6.5
DescriptionI have a project which i get two different feedback button reactions depending on the Ardour Version.
When i open it in ardour 6.5 the feedback button does not blink.
When i open it in ardour 6.6.489-dbg the feedback button blinks.
Did not notice any feedback yet.



2021-05-13 08:38

reporter   ~0025830

It is not feedback but ambiguos connections.


2021-05-13 15:25

administrator   ~0025835

Yes, older versions did not detect this. It is a new feature in 6.6.

The button should show "No Align". When you record (overdubs) newly captured data will not align with the rest of the session.

It is caused when there are multiple connections from a source to the same output via different paths (ambiguous latency).

e.g track X -> bus -> master and track X -> master (solution here is to use aux-sends instead of connections).
or perhaps the metronome is connected to a track and physical outs simultaneously.

The long story:

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