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0008700ardourbugspublic2021-08-23 03:22
ReporterCTS Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version6.6 
Summary0008700: Crash on selecting "None" for both Audio setup inputs & outputs
DescriptionArdour crashes/quits immediately if I select None under both inputs and outputs and attempt to start the Audio engine.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Ardour & open a session with audio engine with defaults, Macbook Pro Microphone as input and Speakers as output
2. Open the audio setup dialog again and stop the engine
3. Select None for input device & None for output device
4. Click "Start" to start the audio engine
Additional InformationObviously straying from the happy path with this one, but it's very easy to accidentally select the wrong thing and crash your session so would be nice if it was handled gracefully.

Version 6.6.479
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2021-05-12 05:57


none.png (180,508 bytes)   
none.png (180,508 bytes)   


2021-05-12 07:31

reporter   ~0025816

This also happens on Linux, version 6.6.489:29267. Looks like an unhandled exception according to the debug output:

```caught signal - shutting down.
Process is still running! trying SIGKILL
  PBD::stacktrace(std::ostream&, int)
  ARDOUR::Session::realtime_stop(bool, bool)
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0xa5eb54) [0x556485499b54]
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0xa6fadf) [0x5564854aaadf]
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0xa6d982) [0x5564854a8982]
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0xa6a9a8) [0x5564854a59a8]
  sigc::internal::signal_emit0<void, sigc::nil>::emit(sigc::internal::signal_impl*)
  sigc::signal0<void, sigc::nil>::emit() const
  sigc::signal0<void, sigc::nil>::operator()() const
  Gtk::Widget_Class::button_release_event_callback(_GtkWidget*, _GdkEventButton*)
  /usr/lib/ [0x7f81a69c40a8]
  /usr/lib/ [0x7f81a6e689cb]
  /usr/lib/ [0x7f81a6ae9275]
  /usr/lib/ [0x7f81a682f3be]
  /usr/lib/ [0x7f81a6d9fb59]
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0xcc2b35) [0x5564856fdb35]
  /.../ardour/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-6.6.489(+0x664b1e) [0x55648509fb1e]
Graph::engine_stopped. n_thread: 11
Graph::drop_threads() sema-counts: 0, 0, 1
Find a trout and repeatedly slap the nearest C++ who throws exceptions without catching them.
Ardour will likely crash now, giving you time to get the trout.

** (ardour-6.6.489:29267): ERROR **: 00:26:53.215:
unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
what: std::exception

[1] 29267 trace trap (core dumped) ./gtk2_ardour/ardev


2021-08-23 03:21

viewer   ~0026121

What does this mean for when the fix will be available - will there be a 6.9 release or should I wait for 7.0?


2021-08-23 03:22

viewer   ~0026122

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