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0000087ardourbugspublic2003-12-09 07:58
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Summary0000087: Track ordering
DescriptionI've experienced tracks changing their order after save->quit->startup->load. It would be nice if tracks could be ordered in a meaningful way and that they would keep that way.

(I don't remember exact versions but this has always been happening to me. At the moment I'm running 0.9rc5)
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2003-10-24 11:59

developer   ~0000079

The Reproducibility field should be 'sometimes' instead of N/A. This doesn't happen every time that I save & reload. I haven't tried reproducing this, but I have a feeling that this happens only to new sessions.


2003-10-24 16:03

administrator   ~0000081

Changed reproducibility.


2003-10-24 17:38

administrator   ~0000082

more details please. we have attempted to solve this in the past (pre-mantis) and believed it was fixed.


2003-10-29 18:37

developer   ~0000126

I just tested this with the newest release from PlanetCCRMA, 0.9beta8 (Ardour/GTK 0.409.2 running with libardour 0.697.0).

I opened an old session, added a a new audio track (mono) which came last on the list of tracks/busses, recorded a small bit on in and saved. The next time I opened the session, this new track was the first track on the list.


2003-10-29 20:45

reporter   ~0000127

i had this happen up until version 0.9beta6 i think


2003-11-04 21:41

reporter   ~0000137

I confirm this. I now have the session open, and the related XML file. Originally the session had three tracks in the order "Audio 1", "Audio 3" and "Audio 4", but after quitting ardour and loading the (recent) session the order is "Audio 3", "Audio 1" and "Audio 4". I'll try to upload a screenshot and the corresponding .ardour file.

2003-11-04 21:41


ardour.png (22,748 bytes)   
ardour.png (22,748 bytes)   

2003-11-04 21:42


test.ardour (10,485 bytes)


2003-11-04 21:45

reporter   ~0000138

Sorry, forgot a few things. The version seems to be (in About dialog) "Ardour/GTK: 0.412.0 libardour:0.698.1", and it was taken from the CVS five hours ago.

The files I talked about in the previous bugnote are "ardour.png" and "test.ardour".

Ask me if you need more info.


2003-11-11 04:27

manager   ~0000160

new tracks weren't getting assigned *any* order index.
i also set the sesssion dirty when tracks are reordered.

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