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0008668ardourbugspublic2021-04-22 06:30
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Product Version6.6 
Summary0008668: Ardour randomly saves many duplicated automation points (2048 identical transitions)
DescriptionWhile working on a project (editing tracks, cutting, overlapping), Ardour became sluggish, unresponsive. Anyhow my work had been recently saved.

When tried to reopen the session, Ardour showed a message like "Wait for the UI to load" and after some minutes it didn't respond at all and eventually broke. I could open other projects without any problem.

I analyzed the project file *.ardour and found that Ardour had saved many duped event transitions on some of the automatizations I was using. Some automations had several 2048 repetitions of the same event:

 <events>0 1
151419857 1
153124248 1
153124248 0
155287305 1
155584055 1
155584055 0
155584055 1
155584055 0
155584055 1
155584055 0
155584055 1

And there is exactly 2048 "0"s and 2048 "1"s events. This happens many (up to 24) times on several automations that I have defined: 4 automations of Calf Equalizer Mono. The timestamps differ on each of the 24

I have manually removed 19 of those repetitions (still 5 remain) and my Ardour session works again, but still saves those excessive event transitions.

Of course I have not created them manually :-)

After saving a project, iI was working on

I am editing a podcast and I have a single track to which I apply different equalizations. While I was manually editing have assigned
Steps To ReproduceI really don't believe iI can reproduce it but I do know what I was doing when this happened.

I am editing a two hour long podcast recorded on a single track. Some different speakers demand different equalization so I have several Calf Equalizers (one for each "offending" voice) which remain disabled until they are required. Each activation status is stored on one automation "channel". It's worked perfectly for more than 10 sessions already.

Yesterday I had finished equalizing the session and was trimming some isolated peaks on the audio track by cutting/pasting, saving the session each time I did another trimming.

After one of the "save", Ardour became slow and started playing (was it after my action?) the track sloooowly. After which I had to stop it with the described results.
Additional InformationI have preserved the *.ardour file just in case.
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2021-04-21 23:54

administrator   ~0025727

How as the automation data generated?


2021-04-22 06:30

reporter   ~0025755

It is originated on a MIDI control surface (M-Audio Oxygen25), routed via JACK and then assigned to the different activation channels of the Calf Equalizers.

Please keep in mind that all these 2048 events are signed exactly with the same timestamp.

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