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0008664ardourfeaturespublic2021-04-16 19:07
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.6 
Summary0008664: Fader automation curve is not redrawn to reflect the session tempo change
Steps To Reproduce- Create a MIDI track with an instrument plugin
- Record some notes to it
- Add fader automation
- Draw fader automation for play
- Change the session tempo from 120 bps to 90 bps
- Fader automation curve stays in its original form and doesn't cover the whole range of notes
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2021-04-16 15:39

reporter   ~0025709

bps should be bpm


2021-04-16 19:07

administrator   ~0025710

So far all automation uses sample-time. Audio is not time-stretched when you change the BPM, either.

It is planned in future version of Ardour to specify the time-domain (sample-time or music-time) which can allow automation to follow music-time changes.

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