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0008661features2021-04-11 09:16
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Summary0008661: Gracefully ignore unknown plugin port types
DescriptionSome plugins have CV signal ports, which Ardour can't handle, but still provide useful signals on other ports. For example, the midimsg plugins ( can turn incoming MIDI messages into other MIDI messages (useful) and/or CV signals (no use in Ardour). Ardour refuses to insert these plugins.

It would be useful if Ardour would insert the plugin and let me use the usable ports. It could either completely ignore the unusable ports or (for forward compatibility) show them in the GUI but not allow connections. MIDI and audio ports are already shown in different colours and can't be connected to each other; unusable ports could be a sad dead grey, for example.
Steps To ReproduceTry to insert one of these plugins in Ardour. Dialog:

The plugin "...." could not be loaded
See the Log window for more details (maybe)

And in the Log window:
[ERROR]: LV2: "...." port 4 has no known data type
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