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0008652bugs2021-04-18 20:16
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Summary0008652: Automation status changing to Play after "Export Range..."
DescriptionI have a track with several automations defined, some of them linked to MIDI events. Their status is set to "Touch". Then I select a region and export it. After the export, all the automation statuses, whether linked to MIDI or not, on any channel, including master, are set to Play.
Steps To ReproduceDefine a track with some regions on it
Define some automations on the track
Have those regions automation
Set to "Touch" station these automations
Select the region
Export the region (Ctrl-Alt-E or via the menu)
All Touch statuses have changed to Play
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2021-04-10 17:08

administrator   ~0025700

That is intentional.

During export, automation must be in "Play" or "Manual" mode to prevent changes while export is running faster than realtime.

"take everyone out of a[utomation]write to avoid disasters"


2021-04-10 17:23

reporter   ~0025701

Many thanks!
I understand the technical consequences of leaving these statuses on. However I find that the solution of setting all those statuses to Play is sort of dictatorial :) and makes the user go through all the affected automations repeatedly each time the Export functionality. As a suggestion, I think the previous status should be restored once the export is complete. Again, thanks!


2021-04-18 17:22

reporter   ~0025719

Because this is the *currently* expected behavior. Unfortunately :-)


2021-04-18 20:16

administrator   ~0025720

Well, restoring the previous state after export is a valid feature request.

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