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0008649ardourfeaturespublic2021-04-22 00:07
Reporterfoobuntu Assigned Tox42  
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Summary0008649: Make all level metering systems available as default
DescriptionWhen right clicking a track or bus (in my case masterbus) I get different/more options for metering systems than in the global settings for setting a default (see attached image).
I want to default my masterbus to 0dbFS, but I can't because that is not available in the global settings. It is however available when I right click on the masterbus. From a users persepective it would make much more sense when these options would be unified.
As I said: I'm mostly concerned about defaulting the masterbus to 0dbFS but this should be fixed for the other defaults as well. For example: Tracks can only default to either +6dbFS or 0dbFS, which again makes no sense because all the other metering systems are available when right clicking on a track, why not in the defaults?
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2021-04-02 20:57


ardourDbFeature_finished.png (157,911 bytes)   
ardourDbFeature_finished.png (157,911 bytes)   

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