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0008646ardourbugspublic2021-03-31 17:35
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PlatformLibrazik 3 (Debian 10 based)OSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.6 
Summary0008646: looping can make the time cursor going backward while the sound is played forward
DescriptionWhen the speed control have been used to play backward, loop playing make the time cursor going backward from the loop beginning while sounds are played forward in a apparently random speed. The loop playing stop when the cursor reach the project beginning.
Steps To Reproduce- open a project with audio track(s)
- place loop markers. beginning of the loop must not be at project beginning and should be placed in a noticeable place ( beginning of an instrument part for example)
- place the time cursor anywhere except at project beginning.
- use the speed control to play backward and release it
- click "play loop" button or press the "L" shortcut. The cursor goes backward while the sound is played forward with a speed that depend on the previously used speed on the speed control
Additional InformationReproduced in the last official demo version.
I join a project for convenience


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2021-03-31 15:07



2021-03-31 15:25

administrator   ~0025661

An additional step to reproduce this: Play backwards first, with vari-speed dial in "wheel" mode. Ardour remembers the previous speed and resumes playback with the given speed.
However transport-control is backwards, but playback buffers have forward data.

You can work-around this by resetting the speed to 100% (context menu of the vari-speed slider, or shift+click).


2021-03-31 15:54

reporter   ~0025664

@x42, i don't need your additional step to make it happen. I mean, i make it happen with vari-speed set in sprung mode. I'm going to test your variant thought, i just experienced a crash few second after have been tryed it once,


2021-03-31 16:08

administrator   ~0025665

I guess you have previously rolled backwards (ardour remembers this in your local prefs). When you press play (no loop) which direction does the playhead move?


2021-03-31 16:47

reporter   ~0025666

when the varispeed is in sprung mode doing:
- open the project (i tried to use my archive but i don't know how to open it)
- set varispeed to a negative speed and release it (playing stop when i release the mouse button)
at this step two possibilities:
one, I "loop play" : the cursor goes backward, sound played forward, and i didn't noticed before, the varispeed goes back to the previous negative speed
two, i do a normal play : the cursor goes forward, sounds are played forward and speed is 100%

i found another bug, probably related and more annoying, i'm going to publish it


2021-03-31 17:35

administrator   ~0025667

> i tried to use my archive but i don't know how to open it

In Session > Open file-picker dialog you can select session-archives. They are then unzipped to the default session folder.

Alternatively you can use `tar xvJf the-archive-file` - the files are really LZMA compressed tar archives.
session-open-archive.png (10,391 bytes)   
session-open-archive.png (10,391 bytes)   

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