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0008645bugs2021-05-30 08:53
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Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008645: Minimise a pligin window also minimises the main editor or mixer window
Descriptionminimising a plugin window causes the 'parent' (Editor/mixer) window to also minimise

If I open the plugin from the Editor, then minimise it, the editor window also minimises

If I open the plugin from the Mixer, , then minimise i, the mixer window also minimises
Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce:

Start a new Ardour project

Add a plugin to the mater strip (E.G. confirmed with ACE Compressor, Calf Vintage delay plugin, GX Flanger)

Edit the plugin (I think either generic or with custom interface - it doesn't matter)

The plugin will open on top of the main editor window.

Click the '-' in the top left of the plugin to minimise it.

Both the plugin and the window and the main editor window will minimise.

Open the mixer window - repeat the steps above.
Additional InformationI use two screens -maybe thats an issue?

I'm on Lubuntu 18.04, using Ardour 6.6 downloaded from you

I haven't tried every plugin!

Thanks for a great product. I don't think this has been reported anywhere else - which makes me wonder if/why it's only me.
I hope this does not waste anyone's time!

Keep up the good work.
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2021-03-31 14:06

administrator   ~0025658

Which window-manager are you using?

It should not be possible to minimize plugin windows in the first place (they do not appear in the task-bar, so you cannot show them again).
Here with debian/mate-desktop there is only a close-button (minimize, maximize actions are insensitive). see attached screenshot

dialog_no-minimize.png (88,438 bytes)
dialog_no-minimize.png (88,438 bytes)


2021-03-31 14:19

reporter   ~0025659

Ah - I see.

I believe it's Openbox Window Manager.

To be honest, I think closing a plugin window rather than minimising it is fine (I just need to get used to doing it!)
If I close it, the main window does stay open - so I'm all good.

Attached is a screen shot of what I see.

2021-03-31-151656_1909x1080_scrot.png (533,136 bytes)


2021-03-31 14:27

reporter   ~0025660

By the way, the reason I reported this was because the minimise behaviour has worked fine for 'a while' - I guess i installed Lubuntu 18.04 30 months ago or so, and have used Ardour all of that time.

I think i noticed the change in Ardour 6.5. Upgraded to 6.6 the other day and the 'new to me' behaviour persisted, so thought I'd report it.

To be clear - I don't expect you to take any more action on this on my behalf at least!
Again - thanks for all you do.


2021-04-22 00:39

administrator   ~0025745

Incorrect window manager behavior (not following Freedesktop specifications.


2021-05-30 08:53

viewer   ~0025913

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