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0008642bugs2021-03-29 15:03
Reporterjohne53Assigned Tox42 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
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Summary0008642: VST3 plugin crash (DMG Limitless)
DescriptionOver on the Mixbus forum someone's found a VST3 plugin called "DMG Limitless" that consistently crashes Mixbus:-

I took a look at the code here and it crashes at line 2291 in 'libs/ardour/':-

      tresult res = _controller->setState (&stream);

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here but if I change that code and borrow a bit from a few lines earlier, it seems to work - in other words I remove the above line and replace it, using these two lines:-

      ROMStream s(stream, i->_offset, i->_size);
      tresult res = _component->setState(&s);

Just wondering if that makes any sense to you guys..?
Steps To ReproduceAdd the "DMG Limitless" plugin to any channel or bus. Close the session and simply try to re-open it,
Additional InformationDMG Limitless also offers a VST2 version which can be used as a workaround
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2021-03-29 12:43

administrator   ~0025652

Nice find!

This is a bug in the plugin. softube had a similar issue, we reported up and they meanwhile fixed it.
Usually plugins are supposed to wrap the stream, like "IBStreamer" in

As workaround we can apply your patch. It doesn't hurt and we've done it as stopgap for other plugins.


2021-03-29 12:48

administrator   ~0025653

Applied as 6.6-222-geebe4e467b Thank you!


2021-03-29 14:30

reporter   ~0025654

johne53 , maybe it would be good to point out in the harrison forum that it's a plugin's bug, and you, the Ardour devs, just created a workaround for it :)


2021-03-29 14:46

reporter   ~0025655

Done !!


2021-03-29 14:55

administrator   ~0025656

@mikelupe I think it's a bad idea to blame on a public forum. Nobody benefits and it is not healthy for a user community.

Especially technical issues like this are are best kept on a tech platform (bug trackers etc).


2021-03-29 15:03

reporter   ~0025657

@x42 I totally agree. But let me give a "but": I didn't think it was healthy to give the impression, that Ardour was to blame.

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